Frequently Asked Questions
Who is is Asia’s fastest All In One accommodation and tour package booking website targeted to offer you home stay, budget stay and cheap hotel stay. It’s the only website that consolidates 3 different types of accommodation (Hotels, Hostels and Homestay) all in one booking website as a consolidated website. We aim to provide use a consolidated database for user to search for accommodation that tailors for travellers from all woks of life worldwide.
Why should I book my hotel with
  We work completely independently from all types of accommodation providers from home stay, value stay, budget stay hotel, cheap stay guest houses and Hostels. We have consolidated all these accommodation under our website to allow for easy search on one website instead of checking different types of accommodation websites. Our website design does not clutter our user with deals from selected partners instead our simple search design allows user to decide instead based on their own preference and budget. Our accommodation partners are responsible for uploading their own rates, availability and information. specialises in obtaining the best deals, and ensuring the information is accessible to everyone. No more deals from partners that have to mark up their prices on accommodation website because of the high booking commission charged to the partners. EZ-Stay offers one of the lowest booking fee commissions in the world at 8% to 10% range to our partners thus ensuring the best deals are offered to our users.

Booking with us saves you so much time:
  • book online instantly
  • confirm availability immediately whether booking online and an email will send to confirm you booking.
  • No extra fee, cancellation fee or modification fee.
  • No booking fees charged to you, only a minimal 10% booking deposit is taken from you as compared to other booking accommodation websites.
  • No hidden fees in the prices shown online.
  • My Rewards with cash earned for every booking to be used for savings in your future bookings.
 Making a booking
How can I make a booking?
  Bookings can be made online instantly. All you need to do is to look for a suitable accommodation and click on the chosen hotel, hostel, homestay and tour packages. As you are on the booking page, key in your particulars and other required details to complete your booking online. You will then direct to a confirmation page to show your booking details. Once the confirmation page is shown, your task is completed. A confirmation booking email will be sent to you instantly.
Do I get charged a booking fee?
  No, there is no booking fee involved. All charges are to our partners only. So ZERO booking fees involved for you.
Is there a minimum time frame when making reservation?
  No, booking can be done online to the very last minute upon arrival at the accommodations.
What happens to my accommodation if my flight is delayed?
  You should contact your selected accommodation to inform your situation to avoid any unnecessary difficulties for you and the accommodation partners.
What happens if I changed my mind or something popped up and I have to cancel my trip, can I get a refund?
  No. You will not be able to retrieve any refund on your 10% booking down payment. This can be avoided by signing up for cancellation protection fee where your cancellation can be carried over to the next booking in future.
What will happen to my booking?
  As soon as you have provided your booking details, the designated accommodation will receive your reservation immediately through our online Admin system. They will do their part to confirm your bookings instantly without hassle.
What should I do if don't receive email confirmation of my booking?
  Do email EZ-Stay support team and we will respond immediately and check our system.
Is it important to show the credit card used for booking?
  No. The credit card used at the time of making your reservation is only used to secure your booking. You can pay using the same, a different card or by cash at the selected accommodation. Should you wish payment to be taken from the card holders’ card you need to contact the accommodation directly to authorise payment to be taken unless a full pre payment offer has been booked.
Can I cancel/amend my booking?
  If there is a need to amend your booking, kindly contact the accommodation owners directly to make arrangement for the changes based on their respective terms and conditions.
What is the cancellation policy for Accommodations?
  Kindly review the policy stated in the accommodation. Each of them has a different policy.
 Prices and Payment
The payment is made by or the accommodation?
  We will not debit your card. Your payment is normally made directly to the specific accommodation as stated in the search engine. Kindly check details here to see how the accommodation wants you to make a payment be it cash or credit card based on their respective facilities availabilities.
Will you charge on my card for the full amount when I make a booking?
  Your payment is made directly to accommodation owners (Hotels, Hostels, Homestay). Our responsibility is to ensure your booking is confirmed. However, we need to take your credit card details to secure your booking with a 10% down payment deduction only with the specific accommodation of your choice before it is too late. Kindly read your chosen accommodation’s policy on payment and check the cancellation policy.
What currency will I have to pay in?
  The currency is shown on the data base
How to you calculate exchange rates?
  The exchange rates are not always fix. We advise you to check with your bank.
What cards are accepted to secure my reservation?
  We accept all leading credit/ debit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
Is breakfast included in the rate?
  Each accommodation (Hotel, Hostel, Homestay) has their specific offers and room rates. All details are shown clearly on their page on our website. They will let you know if the rate includes breakfast, lunch, dinner or any other meals. However, you should also be aware that not all home stay provides meals for their guests. Hence, check with the accommodation once you receive your booking confirmation. This is in order confirm your enquiries with the accommodation owners directly.
 Website Security & Privacy Policy
Is your site secure?
  As soon as you have completed your bookings, your information is stored in our secured database. These details are protected by the SSL (secure Socket Layer) technology, which is independently certified by VeriSign and Paypal systems which are our partners.
What do you do with my personal information?
  All information entered by you will be transmitted to the accommodation partners and they will process your reservation only. None of your given details will be used for other purposes. Your information is solely for the accommodation bookings only. (please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details)
Is there a star rating system, and how does it work?
  Yes. EZ-Stay has its own QMS (Quality Monitoring System) where we monitor guest feedback and price monitoring on a quarterly basis. The star rating is a compilation of non biased and independent guests’ feedbacks on the accommodation (Hotels, Hostels, Homestay) regarding their range of services and facilities and customer service’s quality. This system is solely based on our user login and password therefore it cannot be doctored by the accommodation owners. However, they served only a guide and the experience visited guests gained may vary. It is up to you to judge and make a better decision.
Frequently Asked Questions
Making a booking
Prices and Payment
Website Security & Privacy Policy